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Is your website telling the truth?

It may sound obvious to ask you to make sure your website is not lying to people – you’re an honest person – you would not lie to your customers… right? Sadly in my experience websites generally are not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You said right away!

One of the most common goals for any website is to encourage a customer to make an enquiry. This might be picking up the phone or filling in a contact form. Most of the time when I fill in a contact form I see a message that says “We will be in touch shortly.” So what does “shortly” mean to you? If I am asking your business for service I want to be handled straight away, not later today, tomorrow or worse next week.

In running lots of Google AdWords campaigns for clients we see a massive increase in conversion rates when response time is lowered. Get back to your prospect within 24 hours and you are doing better than most businesses out there. Get back to me within 20 minutes and you have really caught my attention! Plus you already told me that you would be in touch shortly so getting to me within 20 minutes is the first promise you have kept. A great way to start the relationship!

The Whole Truth?

Response times aside ask yourself is your website really showing off everything that you do. Can I see good marketing pages for all of your services? Have you clearly and concisely communicated your point of difference? Wait? You do payment plans? Let’s get that on the site as well.

I recently had a client who targets young mothers and as such they offer baby crèche facilities. Before they spoke with me this information was not even mentioned on their website! Imagine how much business they were losing because their prospects do not know about this fantastic selling point.

What you do already!

In your business you have certain standards that you always keep. Certain rules to follow that you would never ever break. These standards are what your website visitor is looking for. They want to see a company that cares, that is trustworthy and goes the extra mile. What do you include that your competitors don’t? Where do you have the competitive advantage? Take the answers to these questions and make sure your website does a great job of communicating them to your visitors.

So What Next?

If you feel that your digital marketing might need sprucing up a bit the first step is to view the “Your Needs” page. You can find this in the menu at the top or by clicking here. This will guide you down the right path so you don’t get lost in the world of digital marketing.

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