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How to use Google Tag Manager to Make My Life Easier

The free tool, Google Tag Manager (GTM) consolidates website tags with one snippet of code and also lets you manage all functions from the web interface. You are able to add & update your tags, with only a few clicks, at any point of time,…

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How to do Split Testing Inside of Google Analytics

When any visitor is browsing your site, the factors that impact their willingness to buy a product/service include your website design, the layout and its content. As an online marketer, you have to give a thought to how confident you are about these aspects on…

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How to Setup Goal Tracking and How to Customize your Reporting

By setting up goals, you are able to track almost every action on a site-right from a very basic action like viewing any key-page to the more complicated ones like filling-out of web forms and tracking video plays. You are able to see things like…

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