How to use Google Tag Manager to Make My Life Easier
How to use Google Tag Manager to make my life easier

How to use Google Tag Manager to Make My Life Easier

The free tool, Google Tag Manager (GTM) consolidates website tags with one snippet of code and also lets you manage all functions from the web interface. You are able to add & update your tags, with only a few clicks, at any point of time, without bothering the Information Technology professionals/ having to rewrite the site code. So how exactly does this help you?

#1 Future-proofing your site

An upgrade to Universal Analytics can be quite troublesome as it involves a great deal of page modifications and code swapping among other things. It’s better to use GTM and then transition to Universal Analytics gradually. This will simplify the upgrading and enhancement process for you as you will be able to make the necessary modifications via GTM.

#2 Speed

You can create new tags and changes very fast and no code changes are required on the website. This speeds up the launch time for marketers as they have control over testing before deployment and do not have to rely on a developer.

#3 Flexibility

GTM is a boon for marketers as they do not have to involve the developer for all the little changes they need to make tags.

#4 Debug Options

You can also make sure that all the tags are working before they are published to the live site. The in-built de-bug feature on GTM gives you the functionality to test & debug every update in the browser on your site, before you publish the change.

#5 Version Control

Every time a change is published, a new version is created and gets added to the archive. You have the option to revert to an older version very easily if you need to. This helps you keep your tags organized & you can also shoot for various tagging problems.

#6 User Permissions

Google Tag Manager gives you the functionality to set permissions such as view, edit & publish, for the individual users.

#7 Built-In Tags

There are included tags for AdWords conversions, remarketing, Universal Analytics etc and is very helpful even for a novice and you can implement codes very easily.

In addition to all of this, Google Tag Manager helps you target buttons and links by attributes which already exist on the link. All this functionality goes a long way in making life easier for you and Google Tag Manager is your knight in shining armour when it comes to managing Google Analytics.

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