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7 Things that Changed in SEO in 2014

With its Panda, Penguin and Pigeon updates in 2014, Google adopted a very animated approach to the manner in which it looked at SEO. This year, there truly have been a number of updates that will impact content marketing results. In Evolve Mode The simple…

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Speedy Sites are the Need of the Hour

Have you noticed that you are losing customers on account of a slow-loading website? Are your visitors getting frustrated and are you ending up missing leads & sales? If you have a slow-loading website, it means and the chances are high that web shoppers will…

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Google to reward secure websites

Google has outlined their intentions to reward secure websites, those websites that you notice have https:// rather than just simply http://, with better rankings than those that don’t. It is a move by Google that if you are an online marketing consultant probably won’t come…

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For SEO, One page just isn’t enough!

In 2014; with Google trying to sort through the billions of websites on the Internet and provide searchers with better answers to their queries; it is no longer simply enough to have just one page per target keyword. In my opinion the main reason for…

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How do Search Engines Work?

To understand how search engines work you must first understand the purpose of search engines. With over a trillion websites on the internet it can be tricky to find exactly what you are looking for. When you enter words into a search engine you are…

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The psychology of search

How do you use a search engine? Do you ask Google a questions or do you search for the answer? Consider this scenario. You are sitting at home on a cold winter’s evening and your partner asks you for the tenth time to make the…

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