How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Website
Right Keywords for your Website

How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Website

If you are an online marketer, using the right keywords becomes one of the most crucial strategies of your online marketing efforts. Users everywhere now look and shop for products and services online; if you want them to locate your website easily, you will need to have the right keywords in your online content.

Some Tips

So, you know that keywords are all-important in ensuring that users are able to locate your site easily, but how can you be sure that the keywords you are using are right for your website? Here are a few pointers- Make a list of all the keywords & key phrases that are relevant to your business. But these words should not just be ones that you think are relevant. There is a certain method you have to follow, conduct research and then identify what these words are:

Google Keyword Tool

This is a very useful tool which is a found on the Google AdWords platform and is an excellent place to start. It is comprehensive in its approach and perfect for identifying which keywords or key phrases you should be using

Historical Data

Use Google Analytics. This software can be used to track different kinds of traffic via search engines, such as organic, paid, referral and social. When you are analysing incoming organic traffic on your site, you will be able to view which words were being used by visitors, to reach it

Analyse Search Trends

This is one more variable that must be kept in view. You can get a certain amount of inspiration from the keywords you have chosen. Check if the ones you have picked fit into the global or local search trends. If they don’t, conduct some more research & add some more keywords & their variations to the list

Analyse the Competition

You should also be checking which keyword your competition is using. Type in some common keywords related to your business and see which results show up and whether your competitor’s name shows up there. If it does, look for other sponsored links with similar offers that are featured on the page- those are the keywords you should be using

Types of Keywords

Once you have conducted the analysis you need to, understand what types of keywords you will be using:

General Keywords

These are single word keywords and very general terms that people use while searching for products or services. Though these will provide a very high volume of traffic, they are not specific and since they are also highly competitive, they may not connect users to your site

Long -Tail Keywords

These are phrases that have the primary keyword in them; since they are very specific, the competition is also lower. These tend to drive around 70% of the overall traffic on the Web. They do not provide volume; however, they are cheap & provide highly engaged users

Phrases by Type of the Searched Information

  • Information Keywords – These are used when people are looking for specific products or services
  • Navigation Keywords – Used when people are looking for a certain or brand
  • Purchase Keywords – Used when the consumers are determined to purchase a particular service or product
  • Branded Keywords – These are related only to your brand
  • Non-Branded Keywords – Phrases which do not reference your specific brand

In addition to these, you can use keyword variations such as

  • Geographical keywords
  • Global/ local keyword variation
  • Misspelled keywords
  • Seasonal or holiday-specific keywords

Things to Focus On

Since there are so many different types of keywords, it’s important that the ones you choose:

  • Be relevant to your specific business
  • Have more than just one word
  • Should provide traffic volume
  • Be targeted
  • Have low competition
  • Provide good conversion rates
  • Provide good engagement
  • Be popular

Once the keyword list in complete, these words should be used in the content (in the right density-use a Keyword Density Tool), the headings, sub-headings, tags and Meta descriptions. It’s also important that you track & optimize the results. Try combinations of different strategies to get the best results for your website.

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