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8 Strategies to Boost Website Conversions

Your website is the online face of your business and it’s important that it has an outstanding design, great graphics and the right content. However, successful website design is much more than just a presence- it has to be able to attract traffic and then…

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Colour Your Website Right

When it comes to keeping visitors to your site engaged and encouraged to make a purchase, colours are extremely strong motivating factors. If your visitors do not find your website appealing, they will simply navigate away from it and move to a site they find…

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Is your website telling the truth?

It may sound obvious to ask you to make sure your website is not lying to people – you’re an honest person – you would not lie to your customers… right? Sadly in my experience websites generally are not telling the truth, the whole truth…

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7 Online Properties You Should Build for Content Marketing

Now that you have great content to market you needs to build some digital properties to show off that great content. Wait… I don’t have any content!! Ok – firstly go here to check Rob Potter’s guide to creating appealing content. Below we have listed…

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15 Questions you should ask a Web Designer

At Bizow Online we speak with lots of business owners about their online web presence and about the potential of building them a website that will meet all of their needs. Something that has come up recently is some people are unsure of the types…

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