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Colour Your Website Right

When it comes to keeping visitors to your site engaged and encouraged to make a purchase, colours are extremely strong motivating factors. If your visitors do not find your website appealing, they will simply navigate away from it and move to a site they find is more attractive. Therefore, it is important that every online marketer understand the theory and concept behind colour schemes.

Making the Right Choice

Though web designers are professionals and have an eye for colour and detailing, all individuals may not have the creativity and know how to understand which colours work well together and which ones will be best for their site. But that task too has been simplified as you can easily find a number of online tools that can help perfect the colour choices you make. Here are 5 sites you can use:

Adobe Colour CC

This was previously Adobe Kuler and is a very popular app. What used to be a very basic web-based colour tool is now a full-fledged theme-generation & sharing resource. You can try out, create & save different colour schemes- these are available in desktop versions and browser-hosted variants

Mudcube Colour Sphere

If you are not too sure about the colour scheme you want to use, this is one tool that has a range of themes to choose from. It’s the perfect resource as it provides the hex number for every colour and you can also build up your colour scheme from the shade you have chosen. If you are not too sure about what colour scheme you should be choosing, Mud cube will provide a complete selection of themes via a drop-down menu

Check my Colours

This particular tool is designed for checking background and foreground colour-combinations of the DOM element. This helps in determining whether they are able to provide enough of a contrast when someone with colour deficits views them

The Colour App

This is an iOS tool that makes finding the right colours a much easier task. It has a large grid of colours and you can make use of the full-screen. You can also find out what the Hex RGB and HSLA values are and then create different colour pallets to ascertain how well they work together

Colour Hunter

It provides the perfect colour palette based on the image you have chosen. Once you have found an image you like, just enter it into this tool and it create a colour palette from that image.

Difference between RGB and HEX

These are 2 different methods of explaining the same thing- The red, green & blue colour value. The key difference lies in the final consumer of any colour: Websites (that are in the form of CSS & HTML) require HEX colours. On the other hand, offline establishments or and printers will sometimes need RGB colours. It’s possible to convert one to the other and is either a mathematical process or can be actioned via Photoshop.

About Logo and Sales Pages Colours

If you want your website to make an impact on the viewer and make your brand more memorable, make an attempt to use your corporate logo colour/s in your site. Of course, if you have a black and grey logo, it does not necessarily mean that the entire site should be grey and black- but its good idea to have the theme revolve around it- after all, that’s what branding is all about and it helps in creating recognition.

Also, be careful with the colours you choose for your sales pages and you should take all the psychological colour associations into consideration. Regardless of the colour scheme your site uses, there is no doubt about the fact that this can be a make or break aspect in online marketing- so choose your website colours with care.

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