How an AdWords Manager Can Help You
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How an AdWords Manager Can Help You

Great marketing is the key to success for any business in any industry. Great marketing leads to easy sales, easy sales lead to cash flow and cash flow keeps your business afloat. Most of the 80% of businesses that fail in the first year of business, fail because of a lack of cash flow. So it all comes back to marketing.

I love marketing, I have always been a marketer from my first job selling office stationary to now running a digital marketing agency. The thing I love most about marketing is that it is constantly evolving; I am never bored.

Why I love Google Adwords

The thing I hate most about marketing is the trial and error, the guess work and the difficulty of collecting accurate data. At least that is what I used to say. Nowadays, I have one overarching passion in marketing – managing Google AdWords Campaigns.

AdWords takes the guess work out of marketing. I can see exactly which marketing dollars are gaining a return on investment and exactly how much that return is. I can even tell why a particular campaign works better than others; user behaviour is easy to analyse these days.

Accurate data and valuable insights aside, AdWords is just a great, low-cost marketing system. Where else can small businesses compete alongside huge multi-nationals for an investment of a few hundred dollars a month?

What other marketing allows you to only pay when you get a result? Not much.


Why do I still hear people bad mouthing AdWords? Saying things like “Oh it is just another way for Google to make money” or “I tried that AdWords thing – I just burnt a load of cash” or my personal favourite “AdWords doesn’t work for my industry.”


The answer is simple. There are a lot of people managing AdWords campaigns that are not qualified, have no understanding of the system and are not marketers. It amazes me how many people invest money into a marketing system without any concept of who they are targeting or what they want to offer them. This is all too common in the marketplace.

What all of the above people needed was a good AdWords Manager. A mechanic for your campaigns that knows how to get the best performance form your marketing drives. It is important to stress in that sentence that you need a GOOD AdWords manager. Notice I did not say a qualified AdWords manager. Google certification is a must in the AdWords market but that does not make you a marketer.

If you would like someone to have a look at your AdWords campaigns or you want to see how AdWords could help you get more leads and sales then just fill in your details below and we’ll be in touch.

We will spend our time talking about your target market. Your voice, your offering and your point of difference. That is where we should start. Sure we can discuss your campaign metrics but that will not be my first point of focus.

As marketers we want to look at everything from target audience to the way your employees answer the phone. So fill in the form below and let us help you.

Thanks for reading,
Iain Campbell

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