Who answers your phone?

Who answers your phone?

Whenever I get a new Google Adwords management client I ask the same sorts of questions. Who would you like to target? What would you like to offer? Why should they do business with you?

These are all standard fair for any Google AdWords manager to ask their clients. That said, there is another question that often gets missed and in my opinion is the most important of them all.

Who answers the phone?

This is something that we put a lot of focus on with our clients. All too often the return on investment is harmed by poorly trained sales staff or worse leads being followed up by people who are not sales staff. If you want to get the most out of Google AdWords you need to start with the end in mind. Who is going to answer that phone call or email enquiry? How much selling experience do they have? It is crucial to direct these leads not to the normal enquiry channel but directly to the best salespeople you have at hand.

They are good leads

Remember that your AdWords leads are people who have searched for your services, clicked on your ad, viewed your offer and made an enquiry. They are ready to buy and ready to do it right now. They are by nature impatient, you must direct them to a team member who can clearly and concisely explain the benefits of your product or service and close the sale.

If you can confidently say that the team member answering the enquiries is well trained and doing a good job then your next port of call is the follow up process. Even the best sales person in the world doesn’t close 100% of sales. There is a big opportunity to continue to market to the people who made an enquiry but weren’t quite ready to buy.

When does this happen?

This happens a lot in the online age. Think about your own browsing habits. How often do you buy a product or service that you started researching online days, months or even years ago? Perhaps you visited a website and had a look at some options, maybe you sent an email or phoned up to ask a question. Let’s say six months later you are now ready to make a purchase. You’ve been putting it off for too long and something new has happened in your life that means this purchase is urgent. Who do you call? Not Ghostbusters. You call the company that is front of mind.

The company you remember.

How many ads do you remember that you saw six months ago? Probably none. Ok maybe that old spice on but generally the company you enquire with is going to be the company that advertised to last week, yesterday or just now.
There are a host of marketing channels that you can use as part of your follow up process. Two that I think every business should use are Email Marketing and Google AdWords Remarketing.
If you want to get more leads from the internet or convert more of them into sales then get in touch with us and see how we can help.

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