Why you Should be Doing Content Marketing in 2015
4 Reasons Why you Should be Doing Content Marketing in 2015

4 Reasons Why you Should be Doing Content Marketing in 2015

Over the years, one of the major difficulties that companies seemed to face with content marketing was with reference to defining it & measuring its benefits. A lot of experimentation took place and 2014 saw digital marketing companies across Australia reaping tangible results for their clients.

When Numbers Speak

When there is talk about measurability, it is important to look at statistics. Many surveys were conducted by online marketing research companies and here is a look at the stats that emerged:

  • In 85% of the companies surveyed, there is a direct-link between content marketing & increased brand awareness
  • Almost 75% of the companies experienced a rise in customer engagement
  • More than 70% reported that their credibility in the market had increased
  • Almost 75% said that it significantly increased website traffic

Things to Look Forward to in 2015

There is no doubt about the fact that content marketing is an extremely efficient technique of connecting with your target audience as it focuses on user behaviour. Even though many companies have not got it completely right, 2015 promises to be a year in which content will continue on its winning streak. Apart from the very obvious statistics, here are 4 reasons why you should be shining the spotlight on content marketing in the forthcoming year:

#1 Change in the Digital Marketing Agency Space

In 2015, there will be a change in the digital marketing agency space. More SEO companies will re-brand themselves as “content marketing” agencies. PR agencies are set to follow suit & are now working hard to build content divisions of their own and will make every attempt to take advantage of the fast-changing landscape of inbound marketing and digital communication. Small business owners should take their clues from this trend and pay more attention to their content marketing strategies.

#2 Google giving weight to Content Creation

Google is now giving content a lot of weightage and marketers are also making every effort to look at content creation through their customer’s eyes. This is the one way of ensuring that you have the highest-quality & the best-performing content for your customers and brand. In turn, this will automatically deliver successful SEO results.

With Google prioritizing content, it goes without saying that small businesses will be benefited by focusing on content. Companies that have already adopted this strategy have already begun reviewing their onsite content, their current strategies and all the social platforms that they are active on.

The intent is to look for efficiencies & improvements as well as new methods of innovating and standing out from the competition. The companies who have just started adopting content marketing or are planning to do so, will have to pay attention to what’s trending and step up their pace

#3 Many companies are doing Digital transformations

Many companies across a range of industries are now appointing Chief Digital officers to handle digital transformations. Even large corporates are now looking at ways and means of transitioning into a truly digital mode. Smaller businesses are following suit and trying to make sure that they are not left behind in the digital marketing space and content marketing is becoming the focal point of their strategies

#4 Cooperative Content

Employers & customers are now getting very involved in all types of content creation; this is being called “cooperative content”. The next year is slated to be one in which decentralized content-creation programs will be created. There will be participants not only from the marketing departments, but from across the company. The content initiatives will also rely a lot on user-generated content in highly-strategic and expanded ways.

Significant Benefit

The general trend is that a lot of small business are reorganising their ad budgets. They are veering away from conventional advertising avenues such as print and TV media and focusing on content creation and digital marketing. Content does not mean only textual content; it also means adding relevant and interesting pictures, videos and infographics etc. The objective is to keep the visitor engaged.

As you can see, there are a lot of things happening in the content creation space and with the SEO spotlight also focusing on content creation, there is no doubt about the fact that any company which focuses on content marketing in 2015 will stand to benefit in a significant manner.

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