What is Twitter’s New App - 'Periscope'?
Periscope app

What is Twitter’s New App – ‘Periscope’?

Periscope is a live streaming app; at the moment it’s for iOS only and allows you to broadcast the things your phone cameras are seeing, as well as what the microphones are hearing, via web waves. The functionality in itself is nothing new and Qik’s been doing this since the mid-nineties. However, Periscope is robust, user-friendly and has one feature that Qik doesn’t- Twitter integration! The latter acquired Periscope in January 2015, but it continues to operate as a separate team in SF.

Its Features

What this means is that anyone using Twitter via iOS can begin periscoping within seconds; any person who is following them (and has also downloaded the app on their iOS), can tune into the Periscopes & comment on them. If you have set its notifications, you will also receive an alert when someone who you are following on Periscope, is also on the system. One of its best features is that you can have a real-time conversation with the Periscoper; ask questions & make comments which they can respond to.

Added Functionality

You also have the functionality to guide the things you are seeing- just tell the Periscoper to focus on a particular object or move the frame to the left or right, and it will oblige. Avid periscopers get “hearts” from viewers and more hearts may mean that the persiscoper has a lot of active Twitter friends, or is worth following. There is definitely a popularity quotient attached to Periscoping, just as there is with other social media.

How is Periscoping Done?

It’s extremely simple- Just press the button that is positioned at the bottom middle of this app and you can get started. You are required to grant the application access to your device’s cameras and microphone. You can switch between the back and front cameras in the course of your broadcast. Keep in mind that Periscopes get archived, so do not broadcast anything offensive, embarrassing or boring.

What’s it Like to Watch a Periscope?

The experience is quite involving & personal- it’s like a FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout call (just a one-sided one). At times, it can also be with someone you don’t know, but if you admire the Periscoper, the content can be quite fascinating as it’s possible to periscope anything you want. At the moment many people are trying out the app for the first time, so don’t really expect too many exciting and interesting periscopes.

But you will find some interesting broadcasts and once people start getting used to it, and use it creatively, they will find that Periscope is quite a fascinating tool. It won’t be long before brands start finding ways and means of using it to their benefit and it will end up being used in branding and selling stuff. It will also be used to broadcast breaking news that media networks have not picked up on yet and it may also take on the form of live reporting.

Tips to Use the Periscope App

#1 Timing

Since Periscope has just been launched, there currently are no benchmarks about time-windows where you can get the most views, but don’t forget it’s connected with Twitter and you will primarily be promoting all your broadcasts from there. Your broadcasts will be available for viewing to your users for 24 hours. Keep the recordings short if you want to hold the attention of your viewers

#2 Compelling Title

Tag the video with a catchy title if you want periscope users to stop and look at it. Ensure that the title describes the video in a straightforward and to-the-point manner

#3 Easy to Find

When you are using this app, you can opt to tag it as a private broadcast, share your location and share that broadcast on Twitter. If you want the most views, share it on the latter.

#4 Location Tagging

This was a problem when periscope launched as it indicated the exact location that you posted the video from. The app has been updated and the location shows up as a wider geographic location instead of a specific one

You can use Periscope for entertainment as well as for professional or more serious broadcasts. If you are an iOS user, maybe you can download the app and try how it works.

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