The Formula for Quality Score and How to Improve It
Improving your quality score

The Formula for Quality Score and How to Improve It

The one question that is at the top of the mind of every online marketer is – “What is the best way to improve my Pay Per Click Quality Score?” A higher Quality Score means a higher rank in search engines. It also means that your site will get better ad-auction eligibility and this improves your chances of interacting with customers who have much deeper pockets.

The Big Three Factors

It has to be understood that there is never a fixed formula for a Quality Score and Google tends to alter it every now and then. As a matter of fact, just last month (July 2014), Google published its new white paper about Quality Score. The search engine has also updated its 5-year old online video about how this exactly works. Google says that marketers should pay more attention to the “Big 3” components of Ads Quality:

#1. Ad Relevance:

This means that the more your keyword matches with the message in your advertisements, the more relevant it will be. It is important to look at your ads as well as the organic results and figure out which copy is generating a particular ad more clicks. Testing 2 or 3 ads and comparing which ones gives you the best CTR (click through rate) will help you increase the relevancy of your ads.

#2. Expected Click Through Rate:

This keyword status predicts whether the keywords you are using are actually likely to lead to a click on the ads. This average estimate is based on the search terms, some suction-time factors and the type of device. Use the Ad preview and Diagnosis tool in Google and see what your CTR is. This will help you make the necessary changes in the ad copy.

#3. Landing Page Experience:

This is about having relevant & original content, maintaining transparency and having a site that is easy to navigate. Create variations of your landing page for the individual ad groups. This will help you drive home more relevance with H1’s, early body copy and anchor text. These variations with the addition of logical links will reduce those 90% bounce rates.

Getting it right!

Simply put the right formula for improving your quality score is to have ads that get you a high click through rate and which are relevant to a user’s search. When the user lands on your page, you have to ensure that it is a very targeted and user-friendly one for your best chance of success.

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