Conversion Tracking – Why it is Important to Your Business
Conversion Tracking - Why it is Important to your Business

Conversion Tracking – Why it is Important to Your Business

Every business that has an online presence and wants to maintain high visibility spends a certain amount of money on the required Google AdWords. The same holds true for any other platform that they might be marketing on like Facebook, Bing or LinkedIn. Regardless of the money that is being spent, tracking those adwords for conversions should be top priority.

There are times when marketers feel that their money has been invested in all the relevant keywords. But it is also true that there are times when the most unexpected keywords will work for you. The bottomline is that it’s not always the words that you have spent a large amount of money on, that bring in the most ROI.

No Ambiguity

Business is rarely about assuming and presuming; it’s about being sure and strategizing cleverly. Being sure is about analysing the data that is available to you and using that information to your benefit. This is why conversion tracking becomes all important. If you follow a form-based conversion point, but don’t have Google Analytics, you should apply the conversion tracking code for the AdWords that show up on the confirmation page on your website. Every time a viewer reaches this page, it will trigger a conversion and you will be able to view the words that have driven these conversions, on the AdWords Interface.

How Conversion Tracking Benefits You

Google AdWords offers “Conversion Tracking” which is a free tool. This tool gives you a clear idea about what happens once someone clicks your ad and whether the person actually followed-through with the conversion and will help you in:

  • Improving your current AdWords campaigns
  • Giving you a better idea about exactly which keywords, campaigns and ads are converting the best and you can then focus on them
  • Optimizing your AdWords accordingly
  • Improving your ROI

Technology at Your Fingertips

If you do this in a concerted manner, you might just notice that there are times when the keywords that have cost you the least are the ones with the highest conversions. This is when you change gears and make the necessary AdWords changes. When it comes to online marketing, there will be times when you have to put your marketing instinct on the backburner, and let technology take the front seat- use Conversion Tracking and move onto the fast track to profitability.

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