Mistakes You Make When First Using Google AdWords
5 Mistakes Everyone Makes when first using Google Adwords

5 Mistakes Everyone Makes When First Using Google AdWords

Most online marketers in Australia are aware about the importance of using Google AdWords in their online marketing campaigns. AdWords or PPC as it is popularly called is an excellent way of driving quality traffic to a site. But there are certain mistakes that everyone makes when they first start using Google AdWords. Here are the 5 most common ones:

Mistakes when Using Google Adwords the First Time

#1 One Campaign with only 1 Ad -Group For All Keywords

In mainstream industries, it is possible for AdWords campaigns to be successful with a modest budget. However, it is time-consuming for a new advertiser to set-up an account in the right manner. If you set up only 1 campaign with only 1 ad-group that has all your targeted keywords- it is a sure-shot way of wasting money.

Keep in mind that Google AdWords are all about relevance and it is important to set up a campaign that has ad-messages for every keyword theme. If you simply put all your keywords in a single ad group, you may still end up getting a lot of clicks, but a large percentage of them may not be made by qualified customers and may not lead to conversions.

#2 The “Limited By Budget” Issue

Having a limited budget becomes one of the most common reasons of ineffective bid management. Fortunately, it’s something that can be fixed quite easily for a small business. If you have a “Limited By Budget” status on your campaign it means that this limit is being reached every day before midnight. In this event, the ads will then restart only post midnight (when the budget gets reset). Many small business owners feel that the only thing that matters is to be in a top spot.

However, as a small business that has just started using Google AdWords, you should be more focused on conversions & ROI and not visibility alone. In your case, it’s the clicks that count and not the visibility. Lower the bidding by upto 30-50%. You will get a lower position & CTR, but you also end up paying less per click. Your budget will stretch for a longer period of time through the day and as a whole, you will get more clicks.

#3 Using Only “Broad Match”

If you use only Broad Match keywords, you will end up spending much more money than you should. Many small businesses are not aware that there are different types of AdWords. A Broad Match describes a set of keywords that are remotely relevant.

Many small businesses don’t know that keywords in AdWords have different types of matches. Use the Broad Match Modifier rather than the standard “Broad Match” option. This will ensure you pay ONLY for all the relevant clicks.

#4 Very Frequent and Excessive Changes

A number of small businesses set-up their Google AdWords campaigns & forget to optimise them. But certain companies are the complete opposite as well. They keep making changes. This prevents them from getting the consistency required to maintain statistical significance.

It is important to optimise your AdWords accounts, but if you make changes on a daily basis, it will clash with the fact that the account should be optimized based on broader statistics and not on what you see every day. Doing the latter will have a negative impact on the results.

#5 Incorrect Implementation of Conversion-Tracking

There are times when some online marketers mistake the AdWords Conversion Tracking implementation instructions with the Google Analytics instructions. If you implement the Conversion tracking-code on every page, it will end up giving you a conversion rate of almost 100%. It’s not difficult to spot that this is incorrect. Understand how the conversion statistics have to be used.

The Right Focus

At times the ads are not written for the exiting AdWords format. It can be extremely challenging to write for the AdWords format and getting a perfect ad message can take some practice. Having to add a CTA makes the job even harder.

As you can see, there are a number of aspects that an online marketer has to focus on while setting-up a Google AdWords strategy for their business. The one way to get it right is to hire the services of a digital marketing company in Australia to help you with your Google AdWords campaign and garner significant profits.

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